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Jody Matzer, Actor

'Act well your part for there all honor lies."

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His Story

Jody Matzer was born in Hackensack, New Jersey on December 29, 1964. He is a versatile television and film actor with a background in theatre and improvisational comedy.

He continues to stretch himself, explore and learn about himself and his craft. He has appeared in award-winning shorts as well as nationally recognized film and television projects. Writing is another passion and Jody Matzer has just penned his first screenplay. His hope is to submit the black comedy to a number of festivals and then..well..who knows? With a background as an artist, Matzer has won awards for his editorial illustration. He still paints and draws in his down time from projects.

Jody Matzer lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife.

The Vision

"To work at getting work. To work. To dive into the process head first with everything I've got. To explore my craft as a professional actor and celebrate my uniqueness as I discover what it is I bring to this industry. To challenge myself, to learn, to grow, and, if the day allows, laugh a little and experience a moment of pure joy." 

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The Work

WICKED GAMES Trailer (2022) Home Invasion Horror

WICKED GAMES Trailer (2022) Home Invasion Horror

WICKED GAMES Trailer (2022) PLOT: When Harley joins her new boyfriend for a long Halloween weekend at his country estate, they're invaded by a band of masked freaks and forced to play a Wicked Game. To the intruders' unpleasant surprise, Harley's hard-boiled history has endowed her with a bag of tricks which give the game a surprise ending. CAST: Jody Matzer, Michael Shenefelt, Markus Silbiger DIRECTOR: Teddy Grennan SUBSCRIBE for more all the LATEST JoBlo Horror here: For more daily horror news updates, check out the ARROW IN THE HEAD: JOBLO YOUTUBE NETWORK: ► MOVIE TRAILERS: ► MOVIE CLIPS: ► STREAMING/TV TRAILERS: ► HORROR TRAILERS: ► ANIMATED VIDEOS: ► SUPERHEROES: ► JOBLO VIDEOS: ► JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS: ► CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS: ► PARANORMAL NETWORK: SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL - PURCHASE VIA OUR LINKS BELOW: ► AMAZON BEST SELLING MOVIES: ► MOST POPULAR POSTERS: JOBLO MOVIE NEWS AND REVIEWS: ► JOBLO ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ► JOBLO MOVIE NEWS (FACEBOOK): ► JOBLO MOVIE TRAILERS (FACEBOOK): ► HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS (FACEBOOK): ► ARROW IN THE HEAD HORROR NEWS (FACEBOOK): #wickedgames #trailer